Brett Williams

Founder and CEO of RPLife


Life knows no limitations, other than the ones we place on ourselves. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year. For many, their life will follow the usual life path, get an education, start a job, get into a relationship (possibly marry), buy a house, have kids, watch their kids grow up and at the end sit back only to reflect on their life’s decisions. Was it a life wasted? A life filled with regret? Or a life lived to the fullest? Full of experiences and adventures?

For some these experiences and adventures may have previously seemed unattainable due to their life’s priorities and choices. It’s with this in mind that RPLife has been created, to make many of life’s luxuries obtainable for more people. RPLife is an online platform where anyone can go to purchase these elusive experiences at a fraction of the cost, such as driving a sports car, riding a nice motorcycle, taking out a powerboat on the swan river or travelling in a luxury car to a nice romantic lunch getaway. Be it for a day, a week or longer RPLife’s focus is to create memories that last a lifetime. Memories that would otherwise not have been created.

Phase 1 of RPLife is now live, with cars and motorcycles ready for you to rent and experience right away!

But wait, that’s not all… Phase 2 of RPLife launches early next year, which unlocks the full power of RPLife! Where the platform opens up for you to list any of your items that you may consider desirable to rent to someone else. A sports car occupying a space in the garage, that boat that never leaves the mooring, that cocktail dress that is in the cupboard that has only been worn once, no matter what it is. All these items can be listed on our platform to rent to someone who would desire it for one night, a week, a month or a year. This provides you with a return on investment for the items you have in your possession. 

The RPLife platform makes it easy to list your items with the potential to start generating an income today! With insurance optioned into the listing, you can sleep well knowing if anything happens with your valuable item, it will be well compensated for. To setup your listings simply register today by completing the online form and we will contact you as soon as possible to get you setup. 

RPLife is NOT just about cars, motorcycles, boats and more! It’s also about bespoke getaway experiences, these experiences are still in our “workshop” and will be released in the first month of the new year! From exclusive lunches in the Swan Valley, to getaways in Margaret River and staying in one of the soon to be listed chalets to complement your week of luxury and more! Whether you’re renting our Panda or any other car or motorcycle, there will be exclusive packages that let you create memories that will last a lifetime!

RPLife makes extraordinary experiences obtainable to real people, so you have less limitations to live your life to the fullest!