Motorbike (Petrol)

Honda CB650R (LAMS)

Honda CB650R Rental Part of our Perth Honda Motorbike rental fleet is this 2020 Honda CB650R LAMS restricted motorbike which is an ideal motorbike rental for someone with a restricted motorbike license or with a full motorbike license wanting a comfortable commuter. Check Availability Cruise In Comfort And Style Whether you’re renting it for the …

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Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Scout Bobber Rental Part of our Perth Indian Motorcycle Rental fleet is this 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is an 1150cc cruiser that turns heads! Perhaps it’s due to the all-black finishing or most probably it’s Rinehart mufflers ensuring everyone knows you’re cruising down the road! Check Availability Loud And Comfortable Whether you’re renting it …

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