Perth Motorbike Hire

Perth Motorbike Hire allows you to enjoy the fun of a motorbike without the commitment of owning it. With day/week/monthly rental options available plus drop-off and pickup service, meaning it’s a simple and easy process. 


Currently, we have in our fleet the Honda CB650R LAMS approved motorbike which is great for anyone who just for their license or if you’re more experienced and looking for more power than the Indian Scout Bobber could be for you, note this has a set of LOUD pipes on it!  More bikes coming soon include Harley Davidson’s and Ducatti Motorbikes.

Honda CB650R (LAMS)

Indian Scout Bobber

Don't see the motorbike you want listed?

Whilst the fleet continues to grow we understand that there might be a motorbike that is your dream to ride! If that’s the case then fill out the contact form below, one of our team members will get in contact with you and we’ll do our best to make your dream become a reality!